Be Found on Smart Phones,The Web, iPads: Local-based Online Marketing is the answer

The biggest players are devoting gigantic sums of money, year after year, to local marketing – Google, Facebook, Apple, etc. are all focused on providing the ‘locals’ with instantaneous information about local businesses and their locations and offerings. They want to hold your customers’ hands and walk them straight to your door.

Local marketing and local search really bring smart phones and search engines together in extremely practical albeit sort of scary ways. It’s said that by Christmas 2013, 50% of all searches will be made on a smart phone and this is very indicative of people on the go, looking for ‘stuff’ they need, when they need it. They want to know what the operator (you) has to offer, where they are, how to get there and what the traffic is like RIGHT NOW!

Does your local SEO services company have the vision needed to keep your business front and centre on your potential customer’s smart phone in this brave new world of local marketing online? Is your internet marketing strategy tailored to maximize the potential to reach new customers with these new devices?

What’s coming down the pipe is frankly magic. The consumer is set to have it so good that their smart phone will tell them what they want before they even know it – it’ll measure and document their habits and apply the data in order to be their like a butler holding out a piece of info on a silver platter. BING: “Hey Bob, the coffee shop you like is right round the corner and traffic is low…feel like grabbing a coffee, mate?” Hell yeah, Bob does, his phone just whispered to him and he’s in line buying coffee.

If you’re business isn’t set up on Yelp, Siri (your new virtual assistant courtesy of Apple) can’t recommend you as ‘the place to go.’ If you’re not set up properly on Google+ and what was Google Places, you’re missing out on Google Now. This is more than just local search results – it’s minority report on the horizon, your customers are walking through their day being personally encouraged in real-time to buy your products or services.

If you have a physical address, get your arse in gear and figure out how to keep all your information up to date and how to serve that information up to Siri and Google Now.

Give your regular customers incentives to write reviews in Google Places, Like, Tweet and anything else they can do to ping your info out around the web. Google+ ties it all together to provide contextual information to users before they know they need it. Google Plus provides context for your business in your local market. Google Now will know where your customers are and provide them with direction or a reminder that you’re there, ready and waiting to serve them.

Figure out how to make this happen and drive more customers through your door – or else!

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