Being On Google Local Gets Your Business Found

“Optimise my website!”

“Google first page is where the action is. How do I get there, how do I get all that exposure, day after day?”

Sometimes we meet local business people who are literally ‘pinging out,’ pulling their hair and scratching uncontrollably because they’ve got no idea how to increase foot traffic to their store.

It’s so pathetic.

Not to come off as a heartless bastard, but in this day and age the writing is on the wall, local search optimisation is a snap and it’s only going to get better in the future – it’ll save your business.

If you Google ‘local business SEO,’ you’ll find reams of articles on the subject but rarely do we find articles that outline just how powerful local marketing is and will become.,,, and profiles all add significant value to your local business as long as your local SEO service provider has set the profiles up correctly, your loyal customers are writing you reviews, you’re publishing great content and building quality links.

Any local SEO services company worth their salt will provide all of the above and the beauty of this is that eventually your business takes up the lion’s share of the limited real estate on Google’s first page. Not all local SEO companies go all the way with it and it’s a shame because if you’re positioned right, you can catch the wave from super convenient applications which make it easy for locals to find the businesses they want, quickly, when they’re on the go. Google NOW will literally listen in on the user’s conversation and suggest local businesses which suit their needs – this is just coming out.

Internet search marketing is wild and exciting and that’s sometimes a little scary, like it might have been riding into a remote boom town 150 years ago – you can smell the money, but you know the risk and there’s no shortage of snake oil salesmen. But, if you’re smart and align yourself with the right people and internet marketing planning, you’ll make your fortune.

If you’re ‘pinging out’ about your website or shortage of foot traffic or are just plain curious about what’s coming down the pipe for local business SEO, Give Us a Call.

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