How Google Local Search Ranking Factors Leads To More Customers?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’re aware of the concept of local search and its benefits. Let’s revisit the reasons why you should have a local search presence and why it’s a bit of a pain in the @#$ to get the job done right, in-house.

There’s limited real estate on page one of the Google SERP (search engine results page) so it’s a no-brainer that you would want to exploit all the local directories that are available including, of course, Google Places. These local directories instil a great deal of trust and if you rank well, together with your website, you may enjoy multiple listings on page one – more action for you, yay!

There are between 20-30 listings that are generating quality website traffic for most Australian businesses.

The trouble is, these various local business directories, like Google Places and Yellow Pages, all have different ‘set ups.’ They all require slightly different elevator pitches and other content and they all have their own rules but the one thing they have in common is their customer service sucks big time! Google Places is the worst.

Sucking their thumb, the defeated small business marketing manager mumbles, “I messed something up on my profile and the pin number went to another address, so now I can’t get it sorted and I can’t find the number for Google. I think I’m losing costumers….but I dunno ….”

Hear it all the time.

What if you have a special offer or a major product launch you want people to know about? You’ve got to get in and make those changes across all the 20-30 accounts which, if you’re organized, is no big deal, but if you’re busy running your business or if you misplaced the credentials and other info for the accounts, chances are it’s not getting done.

When people find your account and see it’s outdated, it’s a check in the wrong column. It looks ‘Mickey Mouse’ if you have an old promo with a date from two years back.

It can’t be understated that local business internet marketing is one of the most powerful, fast growing and cost effective marketing channels for brick and mortar business online or offline.

These directories, like Google Places, are being used with new technologies like Apple’s SIRI (your real virtual assistant) and Google Now on smart phones to literally handhold customers through your door and make them buy.

It’s really important to start learning all you can about local search marketing now, so feel free to Contact The SEO Company to set up a chat about the benefits of local SEO.

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