Local Business Directories: Take Advantage Of These Traffic Divers

Yellow Pages is on the way out and online, local business directories are here to stay. There is a good chance that you have paid to have your business listed in your local Yellow Pages book in the past. While this was a great way to allow potential customers to find your business, local business directories are now moving to the Internet for obvious reasons.

Researchers have found that 80% of people use a search engine to find local listings. What makes this statistic so important? Well, the fact that the vast majority of consumers are searching for local listings online means that placing your business listing in local directories has the potential to drive large amounts of traffic to your website and result in a huge increase in your bottom line! Don’t underestimate the power of local search!

Listing your business in a variety of local business directories will also increase your credibility in the ‘eyes’ of search engines; this is local business SEO at its best. When search engines recognise your consistent online marketing efforts, they tend to increase your website’s page rank – which is the best way to increase traffic to your site.

Do you pride yourself on your business’ high level of product/service quality and top-notch customer service? We thought so! Local directories will help you spread the word about your good work by allowing past and current customers to post their own feedback about your business. A business listing that has a ton of positive customer feedback will build your business’ reputation and ultimately result in more new business.

There are dozens of online local directories that your business needs to be listed in to gain the exposure and online presence that your business deserves. What are you waiting for? Get listed and allow new customers to start finding your business today.

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