What Is The Difference Between A Web Strategy And Tactics

A web strategy can create some confusion for business owners because they confuse tactics like search engine optimisation, Facebook and Twitter as strategies. In reality, these are just tactics that are part of a much broader implementation that starts with a better understanding of your business objectives, targets and key performance indicators.

When creating a web strategy for our clients, we start the process off by reviewing the current state of your website efforts in order to create a baseline from which to start. Here are some of the points we cover when building out a strategy:

Market Research is market understanding - By reviewing the conversations taking place in your marketplace and the questions being asked by your customers, we are able to isolate the pain points people are having and, through this process, we can extract the best keyword terms that meet the needs of your site visitors.

Keyword Research - After understanding the pain points in the market and extracting those keywords that are the best fit for your market's needs, we are able to expand that list of keywords in order to create a segmented list. From this list we can develop your main website and use informational, educational keywords to create an open hook which will lure your potential customers into your products or services through organic search traffic.

Silo Architecture - One of the key components that makes The SEO Company so unique is using a methodology of building websites with themes, categories and supporting articles pages that require 90% fewer inbound links than competitor websites.

Inbound Marketing - Developing compelling content in all the buying cycle touch-points, wherever the potential customer is found on the internet, is part of an inbound marketing strategy that is made up of search engine optimisation, content marketing and social media marketing.

Promotional Plan -  By using a combination of branded and non-branded properties throughout your site, we will ultimately position your website as the only viable solution for the product or service that you provide. These properties will be connected through really simple syndication and with an inbound marketing campaign that uses link building and quality content to drive traffic to your website and blog from multiple points in the blogsphere and socialsphere.

The SEO Company is here to guide you through this process that will lead to your online success. Contact us to get started today!

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