How Can Market Understanding Lead To Stronger Digital Marketing Strategy?

It starts with paying attention to the questions your clients and prospects ask you everyday – FAQ. Everyone treats the FAQ section of their website as a pain in the arse, but it’s the most important piece of market research you have, right now.

Even if you have spent some dollars on focus groups and the like, these questions are more useful to you in terms of attracting real customers online –people use these questions to find solutions online, they use words—keywords–that represent the questions and they seek out solutions all over the web. Facebook, Twitter, You Tube, Quora, Google, LinkedIn, you name it, people are using it to solve their problems.

If you know this you can speak to the right people, in the right places and get them to read your content and visit your website with the purpose of learning more about how you can help them.

I don’t get it; how do these FAQ’s translate into leads and sales for my business?

When a client presents us with their 7-12 most frequently asked questions, we use these to discover hundreds of variations of these questions which real people are voicing online. We extract this expanded list of valuable questions and we use them to discover, in some cases, tens of thousands of keywords, which we distil down to around 1000 of the most valuable keywords for your business.

These keywords become the foundation of your content and this content is arranged in order to please your site visitors and Google’s web crawlers.

So, what happens once we’ve got all this awesome content and your’re posting it on our site?

This is where the digital marketing strategy really transforms into a machine. The content is syndicated across your own broadcast network, reaching your prospects when and where they need your help. Every business is totally different and their customers ‘hang out’ in different neighbourhoods online – we’ll find out where. Remember the FAQ’s? All the content will resonate with potential customers at every stage of the buying cycle. Your broadcast network will reach them if they research on Wiki or LinkedIn or YouTube – we’ll build out your network for your prospects and, ultimately, it works to pull prospects back to your ‘money sites’ where the magic happens, your prospects take action, call your office, sign up to your newsletter, contact you by email or buy your product or service.

Wow this seems like a complete solution!

Social media marketing strategy and search engine optimisation strategy fall within this solution – it’s all covered and that’s vital. When you have multiple agencies dealing with your PPC and SEO and social media you lose synergy and this digital marketing strategy we’re talking about is all about synergy – stackable components that work beautifully together. The research is as deep as can be online, the content is designed with customers’ pains in mind and the articles are magnetic, they convert, and the broadcast network reaches people extremely effectively. What’s next?

Measure everything and improve perpetually

Every keyword, every sentence, every button on every page needs to be measured in order to maximize your success. At the highest end this means multiple dashboards measuring reams of data in real time. Your internet marketing strategy is refined over time because markets are dynamic, tasks change and technology is always evolving and improving – measure everything and you’ll know how to bob and weave online, generating more qualified traffic, leads and sales.

It’s what you want, right?

Digital marketing is a subject near and dear to us, so if you’re keen to have a chat about it or anything else in the world of internet marketing, in the context of your business, we’d love to hear from you.

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