How To Acquire Local Customers In The CBD And Surrounding Area Online?

Operate a business in Brisbane that relies on ‘foot traffic’?

Target local prospects with a deadly accurate online strategy.

Quite simply, more locals hitting your website means more money.

You don’t need to know the nitty-gritty details about search engine optimisation strategy to know that if someone is on-the-go in Brisbane, searching for a shoe store, restaurant, hair salon, coffee shop or any other local business, they tend to, more and more often, use their smart phone to find what they want – it’s a trend in motion and it ain’t going to stop. A trend in motion tends to stay in motion – fold out paper maps are going the way of the dinosaur, online marketing strategy is just beginning to evolve.

The marriage between media marketing strategy and smart phones is helping some businesses in Brisbane tremendously – they’re set up with a solid digital marketing strategy.

The fundamentals of a web strategy are the keywords – knowing how your customer articulates his needs and wants online.

Tailor the keyword terms to include ‘Brisbane’ or your specific neighborhood, along with national-level keywords.

Go after ‘Brisbane Dentist,’ ‘Brisbane Beauty Salon,’ ‘Brisbane Auto Repair’ and so on and so forth. But also go after ‘Dentist,’ ‘Beauty Salon,’ ‘Auto Repair,’ even though they’re harder to rank for.

Trouble is, at the local level, individual keywords usually don’t have that much traffic because you’re dealing with the population of Brisbane versus the population of Australia. Therefore, you need a large list of keywords that represent your offering and all the pains you relieve for your customers. Geographical keyword research is key.

In the beginning, don’t worry so much about figuring out what is social media strategy – worry about the locals.

Set up your business in all the local directories correctly:

Attention-grabbing elevator pitches instantly persuade visitors to TAKE ACTION. Either they call your business, or they click through to your website or they put your address into their smart phone’s GPS in order to conveniently find their way.

Obviously you need testimonials and they should be location-specific, if possible – these are called ‘reviews’ or ‘citations.’

Provide incentive to your most loyal customers to post reviews across all of your local listings regularly. Obviously GPS devices are important too, so as part of our service we set our clients up on all major GPS devices as a point of interest.

Make it as easy as possible for your customers to find you.

In order to use the internet to attract customers in Brisbane, like anywhere else, you need to produce helpful content for real people, interact socially (like a cool kid, not a geek), build high-quality links in a variety of ‘good neighborhoods’ online, measure the results and adjust where necessary to increase your sales – conversion optimisation is vital. That’s search engine optimisation strategy in a nutshell.

It makes no difference to Google if you’re in Brisbane or on the moon. If you want to come up in the Google search results, at the top of the heap, you’ve got to follow best practices in your SEO strategy – trouble is they’re sort of always changing, but sort of always staying the same.

Google will slaughter those who abuse certain techniques, but no matter what, if you add value for real people, solve their problems and convey that you do so clearly, online, from a solid foundation…

…you will drive more leads to your business;

Let’s discuss your business and your web strategy for attracting customers in Brisbane. Why waste another day without an internet marketing strategy?

Feel free to Contact The SEO Company to make it a date!

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