Why Is A Content Strategy Imperative to Your Success?

The strength of any solid internet marketing campaign is rooted in the content strategy. Content strategy plans for the preparation, publication and maintenance of useful content across branded and non-branded properties around the web.

To put it simply, by assessing your current content assets, we will save your company money because we can re-purpose existing content in various forms across many different channels on the web. This action will generate awareness, interest, desire and ultimately action for your website.

For example, say you have a one-hour video with some really valuable questions that address a unique pain that a customer may be having. In the video, you provide the solution to that pain, which is a product or service you sell. By simply extracting that important question and placing it on an Question and Answer site (in the form of a video answer), you can lead prospective customers to your branded YouTube channel, whereby they can find an expanded answer to their question and other videos that will educate them on your solution. From there, there's a much greater chance they will take the next big step and commit to buy your service or product from your main website.

The best way to define a content strategy is to look at some of the pieces involved in the process:

  • Primary themes and messages
  • Topics extracted from questions and answers
  • Content purpose (i.e., how content will connect the pain the client is having with the solution you may be able to provide)
  • Content gap analysis
  • Metadata frameworks and related content attributes
  • Search engine optimisation (SEO)
  • Implications of strategic recommendations on content creation, curation and governance

All of this leads us to build an editorial calendar that can be generated through the promotional plan for your website. This will provide you with a content marketing road map that will be followed for at least the first 12 months of your campaign.

The SEO Company works closely with a content strategist to ensure that all of the content pieces are put together in a cohesive and structured way so that you can maximise your chances of succeeding online.

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