How Re-Purposing Content Through Content Curation Can Save You Money?

‘Content curation’ is a term that has only recently come into the internet marketing world. In fact, Microsoft Word classifies ‘curation’ as a misspelled word unless you manually add it to your dictionary. This probably has something to do with the fact that so few website owners take website content seriously. They think they can slap any written word on their site and people will still want to read it. If you’ve never looked at your website’s bounce rate, it’s time you did. High bounce rates, meaning people click on and right back off your website, aren’t conducive to successful e-commerce.

So what is Content Curation and Why is a Content Marketing Strategy Crucial for your Website?

Content curation is the act of gathering numerous pieces of content that focus on a particular topic or keyword and lists, displays or somehow ‘curates’ them into a piece of content. However, many people become confused when they hear the term content curation because it is not necessarily the act of creating a unique piece of content. Instead, it is the act of creating a resource that highlights a number of resources on a specific topic.

Content curation has become extremely popular in the world of online marketing because posting curated content on a site can catch the search engines’ attention and, as a result, boost your site’s rankings. This may seem easy, but content curation will only be your friend if you follow precise white-hat practices. One wrong move and your website’s ranking will be penalized by the search engines in the blink of an eye.

Great Content Gives your Website Authority

Content curation is appealing to search engines because it screams, “Hey, this person really knows a lot about this topic and has collected valuable resources to prove it.” You become an authority on the topic and your website content goes to the top of the search engine results page—precisely where you want to be.

How can you go wrong? It’s easy. If you don’t give credit to the sources in which you extracted the content, the search engines will deem you a thief. Focusing on quality over quantity is also a great way to fail when it comes to content writing. It’s important to include links from your website content back to the places where you found the original content. Another important aspect of content curation is creating a balance between posting original website content and curated content.

Content Writing Not your Forte? We Can Help

The stakes are high when it comes to content curation but, if done correctly, it can do big things for your website. Don’t chance failure. Feel free to Contact The SEO Company today to learn more about a custom content marketing strategy for your website. Our team of professional writers can provide the compelling website content you need to grab visitors’ attention and convert them into your customers. A content curation campaign could be all that’s missing from your website.

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