Getting Started

We have all heard of the five P’s, haven’t we?


At The SEO Company, this is a mantra we live by to ensure each campaign is performing to its full potential.
Some of the must-do processes are:


You may not realize which keywords have buyers’ intent and traffic volumes associated with them – which keywords will bring customers to your website. We utilize specialized tools and processes to discover the keywords required to drive qualified leads to your business. We build this list out for your business and rank them in order of their competitive nature so as to methodically increase your visibility in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs)

On Page

We lay a solid foundation for your website by properly optimizing all of your pages in such a way that Google and other search engines easily understand the theme associated with your business. Meta data, static content, URL structure needs to be overhauled in order to impress Google and rank for more keywords on more pages.

Local Directory Set-Up

Local keywords and local directories, GPS devices, micro-formats, location based content and testimonials are all required in order to tell users who are on-the-go where your operation is located. We will assist you in developing an elevator pitch that will describe what it is that makes your business the best option to suit the user’s needs. This pitch will then be submitted to all relevant directories.

What happens next…

Upon completion of the establishment phase, the real work begins. The SEO Company works both on-page and off-page to continually improve your rankings by conveying the right levels of authority to the search engines.

Off Page SEO

SEO is somewhat akin to a high school popularity contest or democratic election and you are judged by who you run with and how many meaningful endorsements (quality links) you have.Our link strategies are comprehensively tested across many verticals and have stood the test of time against search engine algorithm changes. But not all links were created equal – talk to us and learn why our links are propelling our clients’ websites up the Search Engine Results Pages!

Local SEO

We want to make sure that your product & services information and your business details are current and relevant. Updating every single directory as your business develops can be extremely time consuming.We take the hassle out of your hands by performing these tasks for you. A little known aspect with organic results are Micro Formats. These can be used to highlight specials and offers — all of which The SEO Company will take care of for you!


Search engines like Google and your prospects and customers will appreciate unique, relevant content that explains your product or service offering, solves problems, and provides insight into your market place. The search engines reward fresh content every time your site is indexed. Most operators fail to publish sufficient content and, the ones that do, tend not to compose their content according to best practices. The SEO Company writing team is headed up by professional journalists copywriters to ensure the content that is published is highly effective.

Is Market Domination Your Only Course Of Action?

For some businesses, being #1 is the only option and, for this, we need to achieve Market Ubiquity.

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noun: the state or capacity of being everywhere, especially at the same time.

The SEO Company specialises in the field of Market Ubiquity. Through the power of content, and precisely structured networks of web properties, we float your brand within the digital space in every place that conversation about your products and services is happening. In every phase of a user’s buying cycle, your offerings will be presented as the only viable option. This strategy is Enterprise Level SEO and not for businesses who have limited scope to grow. If your business is poised to take revenues to a whole new level, arrange with The SEO Company to have a valuable discussion on the options available with Enterprise SEO.

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