The value that a professionally produced video adds to your website is increasing exponentially every day. Video is one of those rare mediums that no matter what your product or service, or how you ideally interact and transact with your audience, it is a simple powerful tool for your business- done right of course. The truth is that people are more likely to watch a short one minute video about your business then they are to read the “About Page” of your website.

Internet video is greater than 40% of consumer internet traffic and will reach 62% by the end of 2015.

This means that video is shaping up as the future of the internet in the foreseeable future, and through social media its potency is increasing as more and more people take up on these platforms. Not only can you share your video through your social channels to encourage engagement, but you can tap into the treasure trove that is YouTube. Not everyone will know this but:

Make your homepage the most appealing it can be with a professional business video

Youtube is the second largest search engine after Google, and the fourth most visited website in Australia.

That is, after Facebook which dominates social media and is an untapped source for many businesses looking to expand their customer base. More and more people are heading to a business’s Facebook page to find out vital information that they need to know before taking the next step. In fact:

68% of consumers are Facebook fans of brands and for Australians, Facebook is the second most popular places to watch online video - boasting an audience of over 4 million!

As you can see, with video the possibilities are endless. The internet is growing and so are the opportunities to reach people- the trick is knowing how. Video can make your website much more appealing than ever before. But don’t just stop at your homepage, your internal content pages that contain more specific information would also benefit from a snappy video to promote your products and services. Additionally if there are opportunities to educate your audience then why not consider a series of informative videos, launched and hosted on your very own business YouTube channel.

And remember, this is all gold for SEO. Google owns YouTube meaning that an online video will only increase your authority in the eyes of Google, especially if viewers like what you do and share it socially. So what can The SEO Company do for your business? We are the experts in crafting content so that your website appeals to potential customers. We have professional video production staff in-house that are skilled in creative thinking and execution of corporate video production.

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