Video with The SEO Company

So you now know why your business needs a professionally produced corporate video. Besides staying ahead of your competition, they are great at conveying your key messages to your potential new clients. So why not film one on your iPhone or Handy-Cam (old school)? As it is a great and powerful tool done right, it can just as easily polarize your audience and become the reason why that potential client will not take the next step with you. Poor quality production, amateur scripting, low quality environmental such as light and sound can all contribute to an eye-sore rather than winning strategy.

This is the reason, like many others in business and life, why we leave it to the experts- such as The SEO Company. The information below highlights our typical process and demonstrates the detail involved in delivering a production that will win you business.

What We Offer

  • Thorough consultation process

  • Quality script development

  • DSLR film equipment

  • Professional editing software

  • A directed session with a professional voiceover

  • Premium quality backing music

  • Website integration

  • Approval milestones

For Kit Kitchens we implement their promotional video on the homepage of their website.

The Process

Step 1: Initial Consultation

This is where we establish the purpose of the video and what you as a client would like this video to achieve. We ask questions such as what is your target audience, what is the message you would like your video to convey and what command should your video conclude with. Together we will discuss these vital points and come to a solid plan that will then act as the basis for an initial brief.

Once the preliminary details have been discuss and we have been able to get a good ‘feel’ for the video you desire, we will commence to build this into an initial brief which will then require your approval, or further discussion.

Step 2: Research

After the initial brief has been approved and any further details have been advised we will then begin the research phase of the video. This involves exploration into your brand and your business as well as a detailed competitor analysis in order to gain an insight into the existing promotional videos within your industry.

Step 3: Script Development

Using the initial brief, research and any further details that have been discussed we will then use that information to form a script draft. This will either be for the voiceover professional or for a nominated person to narrate. The script will establish the structure of the video and will allow us to build the visual story around it.

Step 4: Storyboarding

This is the stage in which the visual elements of the video begin to fall into place. The script is used as a basis for the structure of the video, and we will then create a detailed shot by shot plan which breaks down the individual scenes. In order to create a real-life visual representation of the video we then take pictures of the various shots and piece them together in a storyboard. This allows us to truly visualise the video before it is made, providing us with a great deal of accuracy which will permit us to be as efficient as possible on the day of shoot.

Step 5: Shoot

On the day of shoot we will shoot the film! Our in-house cinematographer uses high end DSLR film equipment in order to achieve an extremely high quality crystal clear image. The result is the best possible image quality for a web based video. Take a look at one of our examples.

Step 6: Voice over

After filming is complete we begin the hunt for the best possible voiceover to suit your requirements. This is something we will have established during the initial consultation. We will conduct a directed voiceover session which allows us to control the pitch and pronunciation in order to get the tone just right.

Step 7: Editing

We have all of the pieces, now to build the puzzle! Once the voice over is complete we will edit your video using industry standard editing software in the form of Final Cut Pro. We will also integrate carefully selected backing music that will pull the video together in a neat bow.

Step 8: Delivery

Once you video is complete we will integrate it into your website and supply you with the video as a Quicktime file (.mov). You can then syndicate the video through various social platforms which will engage your customer base and encourage them to get excited about your business.

If your happy with your online video and would like market your video, then why not find out more about Video Marketingwith The SEO Company.